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Collard greens and cheddar omelette

Sunday brunch is something I've loved most of my life. When I was little and my parents threw parties in the spring and summer, my dad would make quiches to sit along side grilled meats and and roasted potatoes. When I was a teenager, he would make scones, bacon, hash browns from scratch, and eggs to order for me, my mom, and sister. We would set the table and drink prosecco with strawberries, catching and connecting before the week got rolling.  While it was happening, I didn't realize how special it was. But now that I'm in my 30s, it's times like these I miss most. And while this omelette doesn't necessarily resemble my dad's menu, it does remind me of those early afternoons around our kitchen table. Maybe it has something to do with the extra care it takes to make a really good one or maybe it's that it's hearty and filling, satisfying something a little deeper than just hunger.  This particular omelette envelops loads of spicy collard greens and oh-

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