The perfect boiled egg

I eat these eggs almost everyday. And every time I eat them I love them. I usually make them 2 at a time and eat them while they're still steaming and gooey in the middle. (The farthest cry from the grey, cold, crumbly little monsters I ate on the bus on my way to school as a teen.) These yolk is a show stopper and the whites are incredibly tender.

Boiled eggs are great on their own (obviously), but they are also a great way to gussy up a salad, a noodle-y or rice dish.  Since these are my go-to breakkie, I usually have them with a lil tomato salad and some fresh fruit.

The perfect boiled egg


2 - 4 large eggs


Bring a small pot of water to a boil over medium high heat.

Using a long-handled spoon, gently place your eggs in one at a time. Leave the heat where it is.

Immediately set a timer for 7 minutes, and put the lid on.

When time's up, drain the eggs and run them under cold water.

To make them easier to peel, crack them at the fat end and work from there. Position them directly under cold running water and the shells will basically fall off.

Pat dry and season with salt and pepper, maybe a little hot sauce

If you must make en masse ahead of time, cool them completely in an ice bath. When you go to eat them, if you don't want ice cold eggs,drop them in a mug of boiled water (from a kettle for example) to bring them to temperature.

Alternatively, when I make these in the morning before work, I don't have time to draw an ice bath every day. I drain them and drop them in their tupperware so I don't forget them on my way out the door. For that approach, cook them for 6:30 minutes. Since they sit at room temperature for a few hours, by the time I eat them the yolks are just set.


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